SaltFree Divers offer freediving courses, training, coaching and competitions at all levels at The National Diving and Activity Centre, a beautiful flooded quarry in Chepstow, near Bristol. Our sister company Freedive Cornwall offer occasional courses and guided freedives in Cornwall, UK.

Our purpose-built freediving platform is the deepest of its kind in the UK,  possibly in the world, fully equipped for safety and comfort. We have very clean water, clear visibility, four training lines that can all be set at your target depth , counterweighted lines for safety, a fishfinder to watch divers underwater and 77m of depth for you to grow into. All in all, this makes SaltFree a perfect location for Constant Weight and Free Immersion breath hold dive training.

  • SaltFree Pontoon at the NDAC

    SaltFree Pontoon at the NDAC

    SaltFree Pontoon at the NDAC

  • Breathing Up on the Line

    Freediver breathes up

  • Instructors at Saltfree

    AIDA Instructors at SaltFree

  • Dynamic Apnea Pool Training

  • Freediving with Trout

    Trout at NDAC, Chepstow

    Freediving with Trout

  • Busy day on the Saltfree Pontoon

  • Freediving with Seals in Cornwall

  • Celebrating a Personal Best

Saltfree was founded in 2003 and is run by Sam Amps (nee Kirby) who wrote many of the original freedive courses. Sam is one of the most experienced AIDA Instructor Trainers, a qualified teacher, a qualified PADI Course Director and a former Captain of the UK Freedive Team. Sam has also worked extensively with the media including teaching Steve Backshall to freedive for “Live and Deadly”, introducing Dr Alice Roberts to breath holding for “Don’t Die Young” and working with the BBC’s underwater wildlife camera team in Bristol to learn how to film on a single breath. Sam and the Saltfree team have also recently started helping Royal Navy crews develop freediving skills.

If you would like to learn to freedive from scratch, or have done some diving but don’t have a qualification yet – visit our Freedive Courses page to find out how to get started. Our beginner course only takes a weekend.

If you already hold a freedive qualification and would like to come and train with us, our Freedive Meets page explains how that works. If you’d like to progress your diving, we run courses all the way up to AIDA Instructor level. Visit our Freedive Courses page for info on that.

If you’ve got any other queries – drop SaltFree a mail.

“I spent a day training with Sam in glorious south coast seas last summer. We managed to do lots of exercises, a fair few extended exploratory swim-throughs, and the day culminated with a 20m max dive. Sam was relaxed, good company and a terrific teacher, I’d recommend her to anyone.”–Steve Backshall, BBC Live and Deadly – Freedive Cornwall Training Day

“Thanks to everyone, especially Sam, for making the course last weekend so relaxed and friendly. Can't wait for the next time.” –Graham, AIDA 2 Star

“Just a quick line to thank you for a fantastic weekend. It was a great course and I gained a huge amount from it. Hannah was brilliant, friendly  and professional as an instructor. She made me feel that I was in good hands and was safe to dive deeper than I would otherwise have done.” –James, AIDA 2 Star

"My students were amazed. Their level of enjoyment and consequently ours was much higher due to the quality of the equipment and the clarity of the site and water. We also did a session on the various sunk items: container swim through, metal tube, helicopter, plane, armed tank - good to have fun as well!" – Jean-Fabrice, AIDA Instructor

“Rebecca is an excellent instructor....  Everyone felt calm and relaxed with her style (which is exactly what's needed in freediving!)!”– Neil, AIDA 2 Star

“Doing the 4* has really helped with my technique. Sam is extremely knowledgable and was able to answer every question, even going into detail using medical textbooks!  Almost immediately after completing the course I did my first 40m dive. There’s no way I would have been able to do this before the course; it’s helped me overcome a barrier and I’m quite excited about the possiblities for the future.”

Pete Barnes, AIDA 4 Star

‘I started Freediving by doing my AIDA 2* course with Sam at Saltfree in 2005. Since then I have become a competitive freediver on the International freediving circuit, and completed an AIDA Instructor course with Saltfree. Saltfree has given me a fantastic space to learn and develop my freediving.  If I were going to do it all again from the beginning I wouldn’t change anything about my freediving education with Saltfree”– Liv Philip, UK Record Holder and UK Team Freediver


“80m deep, great set up, awesome safety equipment / people, and a pontoon so big you can jog laps to keep warm in the winter! There is nowhere like the emerald green depths of Chepstow.”

Tim Money, UK Team Freediver

“I have just completed the AIDA 2* course with Saltfree and it was an amazing introduction to the world of Freediving. Everything was very professionally setup and run but also very friendly and relaxed, perfect for starting my Freediving adventure” – Dan Edgar, AIDA 2 Star

“A fantastic way to spend a weekend, being educated, inspired and welcomed to the challenging world of freediving. Reaching that plate’s a great feeling!”– Rich Minshaw, AIDA 2 Star


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